How to transport a sofa

Each part of the disassembled sofa must be packed – air bubble or stretch film is suitable for this. The more tape, the better. Different types of fasteners, as mentioned earlier, should be packaged in separate packages. The packaging should be made as insulating as possible – external influences will not benefit either fabric or leather upholstery, and leather sofas should not be transported at all at sub-zero temperatures.

If the sofa is not the only furniture being transported, then all parts (especially packages with accessories) must be marked so that you don’t wonder what these wheels were twisted with in a new place.

At the corners, the packaging should be sealed with cardboard or foam, so as not to accidentally damage them during transportation. Legs – if it is not possible to remove them – it is better to wrap them with a cloth – so they themselves will arrive safely and will not spoil other things.

In transport, furniture must be securely fixed in order to protect it from impacts on the inner walls. Spring folding mechanisms must be tightly bandaged to avoid opening them.

Of course, it is better to entrust the move to specialists, to carry out the export of furniture with movers. But it is not always advisable to call a master to disassemble furniture – the cost of such a visit can greatly increase the moving budget. There is nothing difficult in disassembling a sofa with your own hands, if you have patience and strictly follow the assembly scheme.

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