How to transport a TV in a car

If transportation is carried out by car, then the box with the equipment is installed only in the cabin. It is strongly not recommended to put it in the trunk. The best place for this is the opening between the rear and driver’s seat. This will keep the packaging secure.

And how to transport a large TV, which is not included in the height of the passenger car? Here you have to trust the professionals. Transportation specialists have overall vehicles that can fit any equipment. In addition, they know and comply with all requirements that will help keep the device intact.

In the back of a truck, haulers choose a seat behind the driver, as there is less vibration that can damage the matrix. The package with the TV must be placed vertically with the screen to the side, securely fastened with transport straps. Specialists know how to transport a TV in a car during the cold season, so they will most likely provide a car with a heated body, since LCDs and LCDs are very sensitive to low air temperatures.

You can also choose a cargo taxi service.

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