Planning and preparatory work before the move

Let’s assume that the carrier company has already been selected, and all terms have been agreed – If you are dealing with professionals, you will no longer have to worry about anything. All the hassle of loading, transporting and unloading furniture, household appliances, various interior items and other things will be handled by specialists.
You can also organize your own transfer. However, it is unlikely that you have your own truck, which will be required to transport things. You will have to spend money on renting a truck and your own time to organize. All responsibility for loading and transportation will now lie with you. Thus, you should not think that independent moving will cost less than the services of professionals.

You should not organize the preparation of things for a new apartment or office on the day of the move, as this can significantly increase its real value. Increase the price and additional services that you may not need at all. If you can do some of the work yourself, this will help save costs. It is worth remembering that conscientious carriers will never demand from the client unnecessary disassembly of furniture or packaging for its transportation, thereby forcing the customer to overpay. Typically, this kind of cheating is done by companies that initially set a low price for their services and subsequently receive a client, trying to compensate for low prices with additional amounts for various services provided and even not provided.

Start of the move

So, the carrier has been chosen, the date has been determined, it’s time to start the actual process of moving. As a rule, hidden problems begin to manifest themselves here. This is the need to pack fragile things, the lack of permission to leave the office space, the breakdown of the elevator, the inability to drive up to the entrance or cottage. Professional employees from the carrier company repeatedly face similar problems. They can suggest the best way out of the situation.

If you have used the services of a reliable company, then you can not delve into the nuances. In any case, the expected result will be achieved. And even if the car didn’t arrive exactly on schedule, large-scale furniture got stuck on a flight of stairs, and the driveway to your site was washed out by rain, stay calm. Now all this is the concern of the company that organizes your move.

Moving process

What to pay attention to

• As a rule, the carrier company informs the client in advance of the make and number of the vehicle, driver’s data, loading time. And if you are sent a completely different car at a different time without prior agreement, then you have the right to refuse such a service. You can always find a reliable performer.
• You need to make sure that the people who arrived to fulfill the order are employees of the carrier company. Since if scammers ship your things, it is not known in which direction they will take the goods. Uniforms with company logos, price lists from the company are the nuances that you should pay attention to.
• Stand up for your rights. Always check the integrity and availability of things. If you have any complaints, you need to contact the management of the carrier company directly.
• Pay for the service only after the completion of all scheduled work.
• Gratitude. If the client was satisfied with the quality of work, then a tip to the movers and the driver, a review of the company is the least that he can do to thank for the professional move.