How to pack your bed and mattress for a move

For beds with upholstered headboards, it is important to keep the upholstery intact and not stain it. Therefore, it must not only be wrapped in polyethylene, which will prevent dirt from entering, but also laid with something solid, for example, several layers of cardboard or placed on a piece of plywood.

After that, wrap the back with something soft, for example, a bedspread. This eliminates the possibility that during transportation something sharp will damage the upholstery. Carry parts of the frame in a horizontal position. All edges and corners and sidewalls must be protected with cardboard and only then wrapped with foil and secured with tape.

The mattress also needs to be protected from dirt. To do this, you can use polyethylene, but in the corners you need to fix it with tape so that the “protection” does not fly off on the road. It is also important how to transport the mattress when moving. It is necessary to transport the soft part of the bedroom furniture by laying it horizontally. If placed vertically, then you need to fix it with straps.

With the question of how to transport a spring mattress, everything is easier. Models have a metal base, to which the springs are rigidly attached, and during transportation you can not be afraid of deformation. They can be placed on the trunk, on the floor of a truck bed, or placed vertically between other things.

Most often, furniture deteriorates during transportation, so you should not rush, you need to carefully prepare it in order to use it for many more years.

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